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Passing on the glorious traditions

I am introducing my girls to Dungeon's and Dragons tonight. I haven't played in many years, but I do remember spending many an hour gathered around the coffee table with my friends, rolling dice, and yelling out moves in a desperate attempt to kill that final troll before he could kill me.

Wizards of Coast was kind enough to create a great intro into the latest version of the game. By making a quick-start version of the instructions and an Introductory adventure available for free download.

I had an interesting time trying to convince my youngest that it can be even more fun than a computer game, because you can do whatever you can imagine.  She has agreed to give it a try.  I will post updates as we play.  Hopefully we will keep playing.

A post in honor of "Fearless Bunny Park"

While my wife was driving me home from the train station the other day, we spied a young girl very distraught and chasing a small creature around a tree. Rolling down the window, I asked"Do you need some help?"
"Yes, Please" she replied.
I jumped from the car and approaching the tree saw a sweet little bunny*.
"what is her name?", I asked.
"Trix", she told me.
I slowly stalked Trix until I could scoop her up and hand her back to her much relieved owner.

As, I got back into the car, I noticed tears in my wife's eyes.
"That was so sweet.", she said, "You're a good person."

I hugged her. It is a very special moment when you get a chance to see yourself as another person sees you, I am happy that this one was positive.


*not unlike this sweety here

Heartfelt Farewell.

This is for my Dear friend Lady D-, California Bound.

We WILL see each other again soon.

Much Love,

Watching an old Memory #1 The Pirate Movie

I sometimes don't have a whole lot to say so I figured I would try something new here.

The first installment is The Pirate Movie

Man I loved this movie when it came out (keep in mind I was 13 or so). I decided to share this with my 18 year old daughter who had never seen it.

It opens in modern day with Kristy McNichol done up to look unattractive the same way they do it today...conservative clothes, Bad hair, and the kicker, Glasses. My daughter was horrorfried by the bathing suits the other girls wear.

i won't take through the whole film but here is one of my favorite moments....

I just love that ...

well I still love the movie, but my daughter thought it was "cheesy, but in a good way"\

I will l finish off with this just because I crushed on Kristy...


So Should I Laugh or Cry?

On the one hand,
How creative!

On the other,
That poor dog looks suicidal.
I knew this would happen. When I watched Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and they had a character named Marshall Willenholly played by Will Ferrell, I knew at that moment that it would only be a matter of time before someone offered him the script to a new version of Land of the Lost.

Let's look at the results shall we?

Okay , I will admit that I have actually enjoyed a movie or two with Will Ferrell, however, This just seems sad to me.

Unless I am really misreading things they are going to play the movie for laughs.

The original series, though juvenile in nature was not played for laughs. Some of the biggest names in Science Fiction wrote for it. It just seems like a wasted opportunity to ramp up the original idea. I am not saying that there is no room for humor, I just think it sad to to make this more about a Will Ferrell vehicle and less about a family Lost in Time and Space.

I am sure, since they have made all of the characters adults, that we can count on inappropriate humor, not to mention a PG13 rating on a movie based on a show aimed at 6-12 yr olds....

Hooray For Hollywood.

My opinions

I, like most people, have opinions on just about any topic you would care to talk about. I am also not afraid to share. I am pretty well read and have a broad range of experiences and beliefs to draw from so I don't mind discussing topic that I am only slightly familiar with.

This whole train of thought comes from a couple of recent discussions.

My friend Lady D-, an artist I have known and respected for a lifetime, asked my thoughts on a couple of pieces that she is working on.

I caught myself being extremely careful with my answers. I certainly do not have any artistic talent, outside of being able to occasionally turn a nice phrase, and the ability to weave complex lies (yet not let you believe them long).

I gave more thought to the answers than I would usually. Was this because I know I'm on shaky ground to begin with? Was it my deep respect for the artist herself? I don't know, but, this is something I would like to make a habit of. I think maybe I am to quick to respond, to glib in my answers, and perhaps to quick to make a joke. I must ponder this....


NOW IN COLOR only smaller 70s by *dusty-abell on deviantART

This amazing work by dusty-abell, must be viewed large to truly be appreciated. It depicts all the good Sci-Fi things from the 70's.

Click over, click over now!


They just don't get it.

Well Hollywood has once again decided to remake a classic. This time, it's Esacape to Witch Mountain that is being mined as a source. Now since it has not yet been released, I can obviously not give it a fair review, however, if the trailer is anything to go by, they missed the point again.

Look I am sure that when they started out, it was with the best of intentions...

"Man I loved that movie we should do that one again, update the effects and make it a little more timely."

Okay I can get behind that. It was favorite of mine to and,while still charming, the effects are a tad dated.

"We need a name we can use to sell this...how about the ROCK".

Well, i guess a name couldn't hurt and he can probably pull of curmudgenly cab driver.

Then whoever was started to go nuts...

based on the trailer...the kids seem to be very well versed in the use of their powers, and what was originally a sort of Telekinesis now includes the ability to phase through solid objects and stop a car with their body. Why did these kids need help again? Oh, I guess they needed a ride.

The original movie also had the kids(and the audience) not really knowing where they came from. It was a mystery, slowly revealed. Gone is the simple idea of orphans with some strange powers, the boy was never confident and needed his harmonica to make it work, trying to find answers to their faulty memories of some kind of crash.

Here...even the title let's know it has a totally different tone.